Light Pollution Map – The Milky Way in its Glory

usa light pollution map

The Milky Way Galaxy is a beautiful, amazing place. The wondrous sight that can be experienced when you look up at the night sky is truly incredible: but it is unfortunately nearly impossible to see in the modern world. With the many lights of our many cities and metropolises, seeing the night sky as it used to be in ages past is barely possible anymore. This is because of a phenomenon called light pollution, in which the ambient light of earth’s many cities makes it almost impossible to see the true night sky.
This is a real shame, as the beauty of the galaxy above us is truly outstanding. But thankfully, there are places you can reach in this world that does not have as much light pollution to ruin that view. The only thing you need to figure out where those locations are is a map. Having a map for the places in the good old USA is important, and not something you would necessarily expect. However, there is indeed a map for this sort of thing, and with it you can find out where the best places to view the Milky Way really are.
The light pollution map, you can get your hands on a literal representation of light pollution in the United States on Amazon here, and with it, you can see which places are the worst for getting a clear image of a night sky, and which ones are the worst. It’s a great tool for planning road trips and where you wish to stay for the night on those trips.
Generally speaking, the east coast is much less clear for things like this. Light pollution on the east coast is very thick, since there are many cities and metropolitan centers there. Even when you are miles away from the nearest city, the ambient light from the entire east coast will obscure the night sky from view. That said, it’s easy to figure out the opposite. States with less cities and population centers will have a clearer view of the sky above.
That said, the best place to get a clear view of the great sky above is usually near the center of our nation. States like Kansas and Nevada and whatnot are far more ideal for stargazing at the wonders of the Milky Way.
Thankfully, the light pollution map is very easy to read, and it practically explains itself. You’ll get a dark map of the United States, and there will be lights everywhere there is light pollution. It’s simple to use and simple to understand, and will give you all of the general information you need to plan a stargazing tour of the Milky Way galaxy. Thankfully you can see the same space from anywhere on the planet: all you have to do is find a place that is not obscured by the blinding lights of a nearby city. With this map, you’ll be able to plan the perfect observation of the heavens.

Light pollution map: