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The Lyrids Meteor Shower

As the night sky begins to darken in April, stargazers around the world turn their gaze upwards in anticipation of the Lyrids Meteor Shower.

March Equinox

The March equinox astronomical event has both scientific and cultural significance, and is celebrated in various ways around the world.

Earth from space

On November 20, 2018 the International Space Station (ISS) celebrates its 20th anniversary of the launch of the first module. The Zarya cargo module was launched into orbit.

California Milky Way

If you travel or live in California and you have not studied the night sky it can be overwhelming to know when is the right time to get out and see the Milky Way Galaxy with the naked eye.

Milky Way Dark Molecular Cloud Barnard 68

Barnard 68 is a small, dark nebula located in the constellation Ophiuchus. It is one of the densest and most isolated molecular clouds known to exist.

Places to see the Milky Way Galaxy

The elusive Milky Way Galaxy is one of the most interesting naked eye sights in the night sky. But its not always best seen, there might be a lot of light pollution in the area you live and the timing needs to be right.